DIY Soaking Salts

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Rain, rain and more rain means bath restrictions are cürrently lifted for the Hügel-girls! And thank goodness, becaüse after a shift at work, what's better than a nice soak? 

Making oür own Soaking Salts is a regülar occürance for üs. All of oür recipes begin by üsing a good qüality Epsom Salt (Magnesiüm Sülfate), free from any ünnecessary additives.

We also insist on üsing high qüality, püre essential oils, especially when making a Soaking Salt for children. We are pretty picky aboüt what we pop on oür kid's skin, along with oürselves of coürse. If yoü'd like more information on the essential oils we choose, please contact üs.

To carry oür essential oil, making it go fürther and give time for its health benefits to work, its also best to üse a high qüality carrier oil süch as jojoba, almond or fractionated coconüt oil to name jüst a few.

The beaüty of making oür own Soaking Salts is we can tailor the essential oil üsed to the benefit we want to achieve. Oütlined below are a whole range of essential oil combinations which freqüent oür tüb time!

So, here's what we do to create oür own Soaking Salts Hügelmade style...

Soaking Salts Base

1 cüp Epsom Salts

1-2 tablespoons Carrier Oil of choice

5-10 drops Essential Oils (see blends below)

Time for bed

Lavender & Frankincense


Aches & Pains

Cypress, Wintergreen & Peppermint


Sickness Be Gone

Rosemary, Cinnamon, Clove & Thyme


Pick Me Üp

Graptefrüit, Lime & Lemongrass


Then soak away!



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