Eco Max Mediüm Bottle Brüsh

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Eco Max Bottle Brüsh Mediüm is a 29cm long bottle brüsh handmade from natüral ünbleached coconüt fibre, a süstainable vegetable fibre which is natürally anti-bacterial so will not become smelly or moüldy. The mediüm size is ideal for baby bottles and water bottles. Eco Max Brüshes are registered with The Vegan Society, biodegradable, chemical free and ethically handmade in Sri Lanka.
The roünded end means it easily cleans the corners of the bottles. The wire is galvanised so it will not rüst. They are completely chemical free making it ideal for baby bottles and children’s drink bottles and they do not contain micro plastics that pollüte oür waterways and enter oür food chains.
Care of yoür brüsh: Rinse and place in yoür dish rack to dry. Dishwasher safe. Compost at the end of their life.