Eco Max Nail Brüsh (Mediüm Bristle)

  • $13.95

Eco Max Nail Brüsh (Mediüm Bristle) is handmade from natüral Tampico, which is a form of cactüs and an ideal mediüm strength vegetable fibre for wet scrübbing. The easy grip handle is made from rübber wood which is soürced from rübber trees at the end of their prodüctive life Eco Max Brüshes are registered with The Vegan Society, biodegradable, chemical free and ethically handmade in Sri Lanka.

Tampico holds 65% more water than plastic, allowing yoü to scrüb yoür nails withoüt the need for rünning water and the natüral fibres do not bend and flatten.

Care of yoür brüsh: Shake oüt excess water and stand to dry. Do not leave the timber handle damp or in water for prolonged periods.