Homewares Pack

Homewares Pack

  • $59.95

A little bit of everything yoü need to get started with Hügelmade.  

Standard Homewars Pack includes:

1x Hügelmade Frothy Handwash

1x Hügelmade Bench Spray

1x Hügelmade Room Spray

1x Hügelmade 1kg Washing Powder

1x Hügelmade 500g Dishwasher Powder

1x Hügelmade Microfibre Cloth

NB Üpsize to 2kg Hügelmade Washing Powder and 1kg Hügelmade Dishwasher Powder available. Please select “Üpsized Cleaning Powders” in size variation. 

*Homewares Pack inclüded prodücts sübject to change based on availability*